Uber Modern 88 coming to Miami 2018


With its refined mix of relaxed comfort and industrial conceptualism, the 88 captures the lifestyle of a creative, contemporary sophisticate.

Once again, the designer cleverly layers unique and innovative materials to create the concept of an open, light filled “loft” while cruising on the sea with 

jaw dropping salon windows and a central floating staircase. 

Creative use of stone was explored with surfaces of lavastone from the active Mt Etna. The master head wall creates a striking pattern by adding black metal rods to the honed white stone

The pattern of the white French oak floor was inspired by the shape of a tree when looking up.

The joiner style was inspired by a Mondrian painting with its linear precision combining industrial mesh sandwiched between glass and mirror which is enhanced by edgy graphite metalwork. Each bulkhead was designed to be a work of art. 







Long leisurely meals on the aft deck while overlooking a beach club filled with water toys and lounge chairs that cleverly convert to water floats intentionally blur the line between indoors and outdoors.